Civil and Mechanical services

At our company, our civil team specializes in providing a wide range of concrete structures, including foundations, buildings, retaining walls, retail outlet works, excavation in ordinary and hard soil, backfilling, piling work, interlocking pavers, block installation, road construction, compound wall construction, painting works, plumbing work, drainage line installations, and more.

Meanwhile, our mechanical team excels in mechanical works such as PEB structures, structural steel fabrication, pipeline work, fire fighting systems, sewage line pump installations, and more. In the realm of structural construction, we handle both substructures and superstructures.

We take great pride in the extensive appreciation received from our clients for our exceptional work in both civil and mechanical projects. Our primary focus lies in delivering projects on time and with the highest level of quality, always striving to meet and exceed client expectations.

Milestone projects

Bsc Storage Yard Area Expansion Project. Er1 Extension


Bahrain Steel Company

Redistribution And Design of Administrative offices In Shura Council


Shura Council

Civil Foundation Works And Construction of Control Room For New Blasting Machine



Road Concreting Works 


Bahrain Steel Company

Vent Pipe Line Works


Al Ezzel Operation and Maintenance Company

Roof Wall Sheeting And Structural Inspection


Bahrain Steel Company

Construction of Protection Wall for Bentonite and Limestone Yard


Bahrain Steel Company

Floor Concreting Works


Bahrain Steel Company

Ramp Engineering Office Relocation Works


Gulf Air/Bac



With ceaseless ability of catering our products and services, we have successfully achieved milestone giving us a recognition among our prominent clients, listed in our following pages.

Civil and Mechanical services.

Our civil team provides different types of concrete structures – foundations, buildings, retaining walls, Retail outlets Works, Excavation-ordinary /hard soil & Backfilling, Piling work, Interlocking Pavers, block installation, Road construction, Construction of Compound Wall, Painting works, Plumbing work, Drainage Line etc..

Our mechanical team is involved in Mechanical Works like Fabrication of structural steel, Pipeline work, Fire Fighting, Sewage Line Pumps Installation etc. Structural Construction includes Substructures and Super Structures.
Our team got wide appreciation from its clients for all the civil and mechanical works it has done till now. We focuses on timely and high-quality delivery according to client expectations.

Manpower services.

We offer a range of highly experienced, qualified and motivated human resources and services, maintained by professional and trained staff to build a long-term bond of trust with our clients.

We provide contract (long term or short terms) workers including but not limited to housekeeping, sanitation and security services, loading, / unloading Operators, Helpers, Packaging and assembly, Dispatch, etc. as per your requirement arising from time to time.

Trading services.

Our trading division is an established independent and fully integrated trading company.

Pan Arab Trading Company supplies and distributes, quality products to various esteemed organisations in Bahrain. We are a registered supplier in Bapco Upstream, Engie, Nomac, CPIC, EWA ,ALBA etc. We have a proven record of supplying to them a wide range of chemicals, mechanical items, spare parts etc.

As a company we have always been dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services to our customers through tested and proven supply chain capabilities and logistics

Industrial services.

Our division specializes in industrial mechanical maintenance works like installation or replacement of bellow and valve of any size including Blind fabrication, Filter media inspection and filling for water treatment plants, manhole opening and inspection of nozzle etc, all H.P UPVC works, all steel structure works, RO membrane replacement etc.